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Sports activities

Nature and outdoor activities. Get ready for many adventures!

Here at the Best Western Hotel Blumarea you can plan your holiday day by day, alternating the quiet rhythms of rest with the sports activities we suggest you try during your holiday in Castelsardo.

Canoa & Kayak

Excursions on the Coghinas River

Canoeing and kayaking are sporting activities suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physical fitness and level of training.

New Kayak Sardinia offers year-round hire, by the hour, of canoes on the sea and routes along the Coghinas River. Precisely because of the very limited gradient of the river and the fact that there are no rapids, only a gentle current, the canoe descent can be enjoyed by everyone: professionals, but also families with children.

The longer of the two routes starts at the Terme di Casteldoria and ends after 11 km at the mouth of the river, after about 4/5 hours, in the beautiful setting of San Pietro in Valledoria.

Diving & Snorkeling

Breathtaking diving

The crystal-clear water along the coasts of Sardinia conquers more and more diving enthusiasts every year.

The different structure of our coastline, rocky that turns to sand, and the splendid marine fauna and flora, provide magnificent scenery for both the professional diver and those who simply want to snorkel.

Batrakos Diving,in Castelsardo, organises day trips with equipment and qualified personnel, as well as diving courses for all needs.

Wind & Kitesurfing

in Valledoria

The sea is your passion? The wind and the temperate climate create perfect and favourable conditions for wind surfing and kite surfing at sea or on the river.

Various national and international competitions and championships are organised along the San Pietro a Mare beach, especially in spring and autumn, when the mistral wind blows on the deserted beaches. The nature of the sea floor favours the formation of long waves that act as springboards for surfers. In the summer months, however, the winds are not as strong and create ideal conditions for teaching wind and kite surfing.


Paragliding along the sea

Not only on land or water, but also from above one can admire the wonderful landscape of our Earth from a truly unique perspective.

One of the most famous launch sites in the north of Sardinia is located in the area between the mountains of Castelsardo and Valledoria, a truly ideal area for weather and wind conditions.

The courses are organised by the Aeroclub I Griffoni in Sedini, about 10 km from Castelsardo.

Free Climbing

Deep gorges and impressive, strange rocks along the coast: here, both the amateur mountaineer and the free-climber find their ideal environment. In spring and autumn, Sardinia captures the attention of traditional mountaineers, free-climbers and beginners who want to try their hand at this activity.

Climbing in gorges, scrambling over red and grey granite rocks above the sea or climbing. Here is everything an athlete could wish for. And close to Monte Ruiu, 24 km from the hotel, is a rope climbing area, while in Laerru, 21 km from the hotel, is the Conca de Caddu, a ravine in the crags, where 40 different types of routes have been created for climbers.


Besides the sea, Sardinia is also famous for its horses. A passion that developed similarly with traditional horse breeding and riding as a pastime. The historical value of the horse is linked to several important events: the Cavalcata Sarda, the Sartiglia or the breakneck horse race of S’Ardia Sedilo in summer.

In Sedini, which is about 10 km from the hotel, there is a riding centre where courses for beginners and experts are available.

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